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    A perfect fusion of style and strength
    that’s ready to take on any road.

    The new Kia Sorento brings its legacy of hardworking practicality forged
    in the great outdoors to the city streets, combining rugged toughness
    and elegant sophistication fit for the modern cityscape.

      • MAX POWER(PS/RPM) 200/3800
      • Warranty 5 Years


      The confidence to go further

      The 2018 Kia Sorento takes you to exciting new places,
      equipped with style and confidence for the journey.

      Witness graceful economy in motion

      They may be eye-catching, but the sleek contours of the Sorento aren't just for looks. In fact, they are doing their part to take you further on less fuel. With its aerodynamic 0.33 coefficient of drag, the Sorento leads the class in low air resistance-making the exterior all the more attractive from the driver's seat.

      An SUV designed for all the lives we lead

      The sleek and agile New Sorento brings luxury, technology and practicality to the street with ideally balanced proportions. Advanced handling dynamics, forward-thinking safety features, and truly empowering connectivity come together in a sophisticated package that helps you navigate the demands of modern life in style.


      Elegant contours intelligently designed for convenience and style

      For classy comfort that matches a sophisticated taste, the new Kia Sorento has got you covered.


      Innovation for the way you live.

      Sorento welcomes you to impressive features and options.


      Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS)

      The Sorento uses more than 52.7% Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS), reinforcing the front, rear, sides, and high stress points throughout the body.
      • Options might differ by regions.
      • All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
        Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.

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