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    The new paradigm of gran turismo

    High performance, supreme comfort. Rarely has a new car brought both of these extremes together so seamlessly.
    The Stinger is a car you can dream about all night and drive all day.

      • MAX POWER(PS/RPM) 370/6,000
      • Warranty 5 YEAR WARRANTY


      Classic Spirit Tuned for Modern Times

      Kia’s first-ever rear-wheel-drive sports sedan, the turbocharged Stinger, is a five-door fastback that echoes the style and substance of gran turismo legends with its long hood, muscular hauches and stylish spoked wheels. The Stinger offers an extended wheelbase for maximum cabin space, and driver assistance and entertainment technologies unimaginable during the glory days of muscle cars.


      Classic Simplicity for Passionate Drivers

      From the low-slung driver’s seat to intriguing details like the circular, aircraft-inspired air vents, Stinger’s cockpit design draws heavily on classic sports sedans. Crucial information appears on a tidy multi-function display flanked by the tachometer and speedometer.


      A World of Possibilities

      All it takes is a single glance to realize that you're in the presence of something more than an attractive sedan. It is a true celebration of the rear-wheel drive classics, enriched with the latest performance technology. The Stinger really defies all expectations.


      Supportive but not Overbearing

      The Stinger offers substantial stability management for a sports sedan, while giving the driver more choices as to how much or how little control to leave to the ECU. Drivers can choose from five drive modes, each with its own coordinated combination of dynamic characteristics. There is even a Launch Control mode that momentarily suspends ESC to ensure rapid acceleration with minimal wheel slip and torque control.


      The Science of Protection

      Safety is an integral part of any vehicle’s performance, and the Stinger is engineered to prioritize driver and passenger protection above all else. Occupant protection is built into every aspect of the chassis and body, and was taken into account by Kia engineers as they optimized aerodynamics, performance, ride smoothness, and everything else that goes into creating an exceptional vehicle. The result is a thrilling five-door fastback sedan designed to offer an exceptional level of safety.
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