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    KIA Takes 2018 Paris Motor Show


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    Having established itself as the busiest automotive event in the world, the Paris Motor Show is an event no car manufacturer can miss. Kia Motors attended another year of the Paris Motor Show and revealed a line-up of new cars to the public for the first time. From the new Kia ProCeed, which boasts a stunning mix of sophisticated design and versatile practicality, to the all-electric crossover e-Niro, Kia has once again blown the audience out of the water.

    “The new cars on display underline the level of ambition and design passion that defines Kia’s cars,” says Emilio Herrera, Chief Operating Officer of Kia Motors Europe. “The ProCeed offers buyers stunning and emotional design, the Ceed GT provides maximum driver engagement, and the e-Niro helps to break down the barriers to electric car ownership, making it easy, fun and reliable.”

    The All-New Kia ProCeed, For Those Who Want it All

    As the first one up, the new Kia ProCeed finally made its public debut alongside the new high-performance Ceed GT and ProCeed GT, as well as the Ceed GT Line. Shown publicly for the first time in Paris, the all-new shooting brake merges stunning design with the space and versatility of a tourer in a five-door shooting brake body.

    The new ProCeed encapsulates the spirit and athleticism of the second-generation Kia pro_cee’d hatch. A shooting brake by design, the ProCeed presents an alternative to the traditional three-door hatch, and marries imposing proportions with a compact footprint that hints at its outright agility. With the DNA of a coupé, the car is lower and longer than both the Ceed five-door hatchback and Sportswagon, giving it a unique raked-back silhouette unlike anything in the family car segment. 

    For its most recent update to the Ceed family, Kia sought to take the line in a bold new direction. While the Ceed Sportswagon focuses on practicality, the ProCeed aims to offer couples or young families with the space and versatility of a wagon as well as an emotive, swept-back design. So far, majoring on one of these areas has often compromises the other. The ProCeed is the first car in the mainstream segment to combine both. 

    Looking for Extra Speed? Kia’s Got You, Too.

    Reinforcing Kia’s new mid-size family car range, the new Ceed GT Line? is available on every variant of the new Ceed, including the five-door hatchback and Ceed Sportswagon. The new shooting brake bodystyle of the ProCeed is available as standard in GT Line specification. All three GT Line models offer a high level of versatility, turbocharged engines and engaging handling, topped with a sporty new look inside and out.

    The previous cee’d GT and pro_cee’d GT were launched in 2013. The new Ceed GT picks up where its predecessors left off, with an assured, engaging drive and a powerful 1.6-litre T-GDi engine, as well as a comprehensive range of comfort, safety and convenience technologies.

    Exuding sportiness, the Ceed GT’s exterior design differentiates it visually from its sisters in the Ceed line-up. The GT variant presents a more athletic proportion, with new front and rear bumpers, sills and red highlights around the exterior, whereas the conventional Ceed is characterized by taut creases and curvaceous sheet metal.

    The GT Line employs the same ergonomic cabin architecture as the rest of the Ceed line-up. Surfaces are finished in high-quality soft-touch materials and metallic trim, and the angled dashboard makes it easier for the driver to use on the move. Kia’s ‘floating’ touchscreen infotainment system is placed at the center of the dashboard, with audio and heating and ventilation controls beneath it.

    Kia e-Niro Integrates Practicality with Sustainable Driving

    Kia’s all-electric crossover e-Niro also made its European premiere at the Paris Motor Show. The e-Niro combines driving enjoyment, stunning design, crossover utility and a zero-emissions powertrain, all of which work together to create one of the most capable electric vehicles to date. The e-Niro has been designed to break down the barriers and familiarize the public to owning an electric car, offering long-distance driving range, more intelligent packaging, and greater practicality than many others already on the market.   

    The all-new e-Niro is Kia’s first fully electric crossover utility vehicle, providing a zero-emissions driving range of up to 485 kilometers on a single charge of its 64 kWh long-range battery pack. The long-range battery is also capable of traveling up to 615 kilometers in an urban setting; an impressive distance even compared to many gasoline vehicles. The e-Niro is also available with a 39.2 kWh battery, which offers a driving range of up to 312 kilometers on a single charge.

    Inside the Kia e-Niro, the cabin combines a modern design with plentiful space and technologies that complement its zero-emissions powertrain. The e-Niro also offers dedicated electric vehicle in-car technologies to maximize range and efficiency, as well as new safety features and updated exterior and interior design.

    Kia continues to prove to be a strong contender in every sector of the automotive market every chance it gets, and the 2018 Paris Motor Show was definitely one of these occasions. It’s truly moments like this, with ever-advancing technologies and new products, that make us everyone look forward to Kia’s next move.

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