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    Republic of the Korea Republic of the Korea
    Office Address

    187, 188-B, Teigaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh



    All-new Kia Ceed.
    The right place, the right time.
    Design img1
    All-new Kia Ceed instantly grabs your attention:
    the bold design features a dual-layered front grille framed
    by full LED headlamps and dazzling 'Ice-Cube' LED Daytime Running Lights,
    a chrome window line and Michelin sports tyres on 17" two-tone
    alloy wheels. In short, it has everything to put the fun back into driving.
    Design img2
    Go As You Wish
    Go when you want, where you want and taste the freedom
    that all-new Kia Ceed offers. Grab your keys, escape the daily chaos.
    Add more freedom
    Need more room to enjoy your day? Meet all-new Kia Ceed Sportswagon.
    It combines assured, athletic design with heaps of space and a dynamic drive.
    At the front, it shares the hatchback’s design credentials, while the low, sleek profile
    with its chrome-framed windows extends further than ever before. Plus, the sleek roof
    rails give you the freedom to add whatever you need. So let nothing stop you.
    Design img6
    Pick your dream team
    Design img4
    Refined and intuitive in equal measure, in the Ceed everything
    is designed around the driver: the seamless, horizontal layout of the
    instrument panel creates a light and airy atmosphere. This sense of
    roominess is matched by soft-touch surfaces emphasizing
    the high-quality feel of the interior.
    Exterior Colors

    • Blue Flame rgb(14, 72, 122) /worldwide/vehicles/ceed-2018/images/360vr/01_Blue_Flame/
    • Lunar Silver rgb(116, 119, 126) /worldwide/vehicles/ceed-2018/images/360vr/02_Lunar_Silver/
    • Penta Metal rgb(56, 55, 60) /worldwide/vehicles/ceed-2018/images/360vr/03_Penta_Metal/
    • Sparkling Silver rgb(157, 158, 163) /worldwide/vehicles/ceed-2018/images/360vr/04_Sparkling_Silver/
    • Track Red rgb(149, 30, 34) /worldwide/vehicles/ceed-2018/images/360vr/05_Track_Red/
    • Black Pearl rgb(20, 21, 25) /worldwide/vehicles/ceed-2018/images/360vr/06_Black_Pearl/
    • Deluxe White rgb(231, 230, 236) /worldwide/vehicles/ceed-2018/images/360vr/07_Deluxe_White/
    • Orange Fusion rgb(192, 67, 32) /worldwide/vehicles/ceed-2018/images/360vr/08_Orange_Fusion/
    Snow White Pearl
    Set the mood, refine the detail
    Design img5
    Get ready to be dazzled.
    convenience img1

    Need an excuse to go for a spin?
    It’s right here. Every journey
    starts in style and with all the
    comfort you could wish for.
    The welcoming interior is fitted
    with full black leather upholstery,
    including a slideable
    black leather armrest.

    convenience img2

    Heated and ventilated
    front seats + rear heated seats

    Whatever the weather has in store,
    you’re ready for it. The front and rear
    seats can be heated on cold days. Featuring
    three adjustable settings, they warm
    up quickly and then level off after the
    desired temperature is reached.

    convenience img3
    Integrated Memory
    System (IMS)

    All-new Kia Ceed features an Integrated Memory
    System that remembers your favourite driver seat settings,
    so you can get comfy instantly.

    convenience img4
    Smart key

    Beginning your fun-filled ride couldn’t be easier:
    enjoy keyless access to your car with the smart key and the
    engine start/stop button that lets you switch the engine
    on and off with a simple touch.

    Stay tuned to your world.
    On the move, yet always connected. In all-new Kia Ceed, technology is
    simply effortless. Select your destination via the seamless 8" touch screen
    with navigation system complete with a seven-year map update to
    keep you on track. Manage functions with integrated voice recognition,
    and use Bluetooth for all your music and calls.
    Navigation System
    Navigation System

    As part of our extensive quality promise, all-new Kia vehicles factory-fitted with an LG navigation device are entitled to 6 free annual map updates at the service point. This unique programme ensures your navigation system is always up to date.

    Maximise the experience.
    Roof box 330
    Roof box 330

    Heading off on holiday, you’ll probably need more luggage space than usual. Before you start cramming things in your cabin, enjoy the comfort of this sleek and durable roof box. Easy to install and with dual side opening for extra-fast access. Easily install your roof box with roof racks on your 5dr and cross bars on your Sportswagon.

    • Roof box 330
    • Trunk mat, reversible
    • Dorr mirror caps
    • Rear bumper trim line
    • All weather mats. width colur accent
    Protect yourself with advanced features.
    Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) and Lane Change Assist (LCA)
    Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) and Lane Change Assist (LCA) - The Blind-Spot Collision Warning system has radar sensors that monitor your blind spots and warn you of oncoming cars with a symbol in the side-view mirror. The Lane Change Assist system helps you change lanes safely. If you set the indicator prior to a lane change and the system detects approaching cars in the parallel lanes, the system activates a flashing light in the side mirror to warn you.
    Smart Cruise Control (SCC)* with Stop and Go
    Smart Cruise Control (SCC)* with Stop and Go - Using a camera and radar, Smart Cruise Control can regulate both the Ceed’s speed and the distance to the car in front. The system maintains the distance to the preceding vehicle by automatically modulating your car’s speed. If the vehicle ahead picks up the pace, the Ceed accelerates up to the set speed. If the vehicle in front slows down and the predetermined safe distance cannot be maintained, the system will reduce the speed, or even stop the car. A helpful feature, particularly in stop and go traffic. * Smart Cruise Control (SCC) is available only for models with a DCT gearbox.
    Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS)
    Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS) - No need to worry about drifting out of your lane. The Lane Keeping Assist uses a camera mounted at the top of the windscreen to monitor lane markings, and if you move out of the lane unintentionally the system will alert you and even steer the car back into your lane.
    Lane Following Assist (LFA)*
    Lane Following Assist (LFA)* - This system takes a giant leap towards semi-automated driving. LFA controls acceleration, braking and steering depending on the vehicles in front. This makes driving in traffic jams easier and safer. The system uses camera and radar sensors to maintain a safe distance to the preceding vehicle and monitors road markings to keep your car in the centre of your lane. LFA works between 0 and 130 km/h. * Lane Following Assist (LFA) is available only for models with a DCT gearbox.
    Rear Cross Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW)
    Rear Cross Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW) - TWhen reversing out of a parking space or driveway, the radar-based Rear Cross Traffic Collision Warning system alerts you to potential traffic crossing your path.
    Smart Parking Assist
    Smart Parking Assist - The Smart Parking Assist makes parking a breeze. It uses front, side and rear sensors to assist you with parallel, angled and perpendicular parking. All you need to do is handle the brake, accelerator and gears – the system takes care of the steering. It can even help you pull out of parallel parking spots.
    Expect more. Enjoy more.
    7-speed DCT (dual-clutch transmission) The latest-generation 7-speed dual-clutch transmission ensures a sporty drive and excellent fuel efficiency. / Manual transmission - The manual transmission combines quick, smooth gear changes and gear ratios matched to engine torque curves. The result? A perfect balance between power and efficiency.
    Choose the Ceed that makes
    your heart beat faster.
    The GT combines athletic looks with the most powerful engine in the Ceed range. With red accents inside and out, sleek suede and leather upholstery and dual exhaust pipes, this Ceed is ready for the most exhilarating driving adventures. / The GT Line is all about sporty credentials – from the athletic exterior accents to the high-quality interior – complete with optional suede and leather upholstery and D-cut steering wheel.
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    Options might differ by regions. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
    Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.
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