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    Republic of the Korea Republic of the Korea
    Office Address

    187, 188-B, Teigaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh



    Optima’s perfect balance fascinates you on first sight.
    Can Optima ever be forgotten?
    Not even in your wildest dreams. Its perfect balance of powerful nature and
    dynamic design fascinates on first sight. The Optima is a whole new high performance
    sedan that truly gears for a sporty, exhilarating drive.
    A stunning silhouette
    A stunning silhouette
    Side windows that gracefully stretch beyond the rear doors. A subtlely-shaped boot lid that
    acts as an aerodynamic spoiler. And a choice of sophisticated wheel designs.
    The Optima is a showstopper in the truest sense of the word.
    Even from behind,
    it puts its best foot forward.
    An arching aerodynamic stance.
    Prominent rear lamps. Clean, sculpted
    lines. And handsome tailpipe
    options. Any way you look at it, the Kia
    Optima radiates luxury from any angle.
    It draws you in...
    and wins you over.
    A bold shape. Appealing details.
    A delicate balance. Exciting technologies.
    And an extended wheelbase for
    remarkable stability and comfort.
    The roomy Kia Optima puts refinement
    into an irresistible package.
    Innovation without the distraction
    Innovation without the distraction
    As modern life becomes increasingly filled with data and mobile devices, the Kia Optima’s
    interior is designed to set a new benchmark for the human-machine interface.
    The wraparound instrument panel presents you with all the information you need,
    while at the same time removing clutter and distraction everywhere you look.
    Exterior Colors
    The Kia Optima is available in a pleasing range of fresh
    and alluring exterior colors.

    • Snow White Pearl rgb(222, 222, 220) /worldwide/vehicles/optima-2018/images/360vr/01_Snow_White_Pearl/
    • Clear White rgb(217, 217, 215) /worldwide/vehicles/optima-2018/images/360vr/02_Clear_White/
    • Silky Silver rgb(188, 190, 189) /worldwide/vehicles/optima-2018/images/360vr/03_Silky_Silver/
    • Aurora Black Pearl rgb(42, 43, 45) /worldwide/vehicles/optima-2018/images/360vr/04_Aurora_Black_Pearl/
    • Platinum Graphite rgb(51, 52, 54) /worldwide/vehicles/optima-2018/images/360vr/05_Platinum_Graphite/
    • Gravity Blue rgb(42, 49, 57) /worldwide/vehicles/optima-2018/images/360vr/06_Gravity_Blue/
    • Runway Red rgb(174, 29, 34) /worldwide/vehicles/optima-2018/images/360vr/07_Runway_Red/
    • Moss Gray rgb(72, 74, 71) /worldwide/vehicles/optima-2018/images/360vr/08_Moss_Gray/
    • Pluto Brown rgb(54, 39, 36) /worldwide/vehicles/optima-2018/images/360vr/09_Pluto_Brown/
    Snow White Pearl
    Seating choices
    A choice of sophisticated interior colors and materials help create a relaxing and
    luxurious escape from the world outside.The three special color packages stake out
    new territory among today's family sedans.
    Dark Brown
    Dark Brown
    Even bigger on the inside
    Generous amount of room for your head and leg. An ample front-seat
    shoulder room. And firm, supportive seats. From the moment you get in,
    the Optima makes you feels like you’ve arrived.
    Even bigger on the inside
    The Kia Optima is packed with standard features while a wide selection of
    options allow you to make it your very own.
    • Supervision Cluster with 4.3'' TFT-LCD
    • Power-adjustable Front Seats
    • Heated and Ventilated Seats
    • Smart Trunk System
    • Wireless Smartphone Charger
    • Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
    Advanced materials for your peace of mind
    Advanced materials for your peace of mind
    Reinforced Average Body Strength

    The steel members of the Optima body are engineered for substantial torsional rigidity, or resistance to twisting forces, so that bumps and jolts in the road are absorbed with precision, while impact forces during a collision are managed in ways that better protect the occupant space.

    Hot-stamped Components

    The Optima features hot-stamped components in 16 core stress areas on its chassis. The strengthened body structure helps provide improved crash protection and better driving dynamics. It is the foundation of a quieter ride.

    Advanced Adhesives

    The application of 119 meters of structural adhesive effectively enhances structural rigidity of the vehicle chassis, and minimizes noise, vibration and harshness for your smooth ride.

    7 Airbags

    To help protect occupants and potentially reduce injuries in the event of a collision, the Kia Optima offers driver, front passenger, two front-side, and two side-curtain airbags, as well as a driver's knee airbag.

    Using the latest sensing technology and intelligent processing,
    the Kia Optima helps you stay aware of your position on the
    road and the movement of vehicles around you.
    Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW)
    Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) - BCW uses radar sensors to monitor the blind spot and alert the driver with a warning light on the side mirror if a vehicle is detected. When turn signal is on at the moment, the warning light will blink and an alarm will sound.
    Auto Cruise Control (ACC)
    Auto Cruise Control (ACC) - For comfort and improved fuel economy, the cruise control system lets you set and maintain a speed above 40 km/h. If you accelerate, it will return to your set speed once you take your foot from the pedal.
    Low Beam Assist-Dynamic (LBA-D)
    Low Beam Assist-Dynamic (LBA-D) - The headlamps’ swivel angle adapts depending on the vehicle’s speed and turning angle to provide enhanced visibility in dark driving conditions. (LED Headlamps only)
    Around View Monitor with Parking Guidance (AVM)
    Around View Monitor with Parking Guidance (AVM) - This intuitive system featuring 1M-pixel camera combines four wide-angle images from cameras at the front, rear and sides of the vehicle to give you a comprehensive bird's eye view of the space around the vehicle while parking or moving at speeds below 15 km/h.
    Parking Distance Warning-Forward (PDW-F)
    Parking Distance Warning-Forward (PDW-F) - This system uses ultrasonic sensors mounted on the front and rear bumpers to warn of any obstacles when maneuvering into tight spaces for safe and confident parking.
    Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW)
    Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW) - Enjoy peace of mind when you make the reverse move out of a parking spot or driveway. Its RCCW system uses radars to detect the presence of cross traffic in the lane your vehicle is entering. If it senses vehicles approaching from either side, it will give you an audible warning until the path is clear for you.
    Amazingly efficient yet powerful when it counts
    · Nu 2.0 MPi - Max. power 154 PS @ 6,200rpm (EURO-3/4/5) - Max. power 157 PS @ 6,200rpm (EURO-2) · Theta 2.4 MPi - Max. power 171 PS @ 6,000rpm (EURO-5) - Max. power 178 PS @ 6,000rpm (EURO-2/3/4) · Gamma 1.6 T-GDi - Max. power 180 ps @ 5,500 rpm (EURO-5) · Theta 2.4 GDi - Max. power 188 ps @ 6,000 rpm (EURO-5)
    Lightning-quick reflexes
    The chassis of the Optima has been engineered for a smooth ride and
    responsive handling through the road’s twists and turns. Robust front wheel bearings and
    large dual rear lower control arms help further refine its ride and handling characteristics.
    Lightning-quick reflexes
    Rack-mounted Motor-Driven Power Steering (R-MDPS)

    The innovative rack-mounted motor-driven power steering
    (R-MDPS) system, available for the 2.0 T-GDi engine, helps achieve a firm, centered feel and unprecedented steering response.

    4-wheel Independent Suspension

    The 4-wheel independent suspension employs a stabilizer bar and McPherson struts in front and multi-link suspension geometry in the rear, allowing all four wheels to travel in a controlled manner while maximizing stability and ride comfort.

    gt_line_log Introducing the more dashing and
    outspoken member of the family
    GT / GT Line
    From the first glance it's clear that the Optima GT is a different breed.
    Black high-gloss molding graces the sills below the doors. At the front,
    a dark gray meshed-type grille between expressively styled LED headlamps, and
    side intakes on the lower air dam heighten its sporty image. From behind,
    the exclusive 'GT' emblem announces that it's a serious performer.
    Designed for total immersion
    in the driving experience
    Designed for total immersion  in the driving experience
    Find more about Optima at KiaBuzz
     - news : [Chicago Sun Times] Optima: Mid-size sedan exceeds expectations for safety, style, tech - VIDEOS : 2019 Kia Optima First Drive: More tech across the board - STORIES : A Look Into the 2019 Optima: Kia’s Definition of Sportiness
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    Options might differ by regions. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
    Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.
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