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    Republic of the Korea Republic of the Korea
    Office Address

    187, 188-B, Teigaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh



    Soulful Vibes Only
    You become more of you in the space full of soul.
    Tune your vibe with Kia Soul.
    The city comes alive
    The city comes alive
    With a sleeker shape and cutting-edge technology, the Kia Soul is designed to
    help you explore urban living with confidence and creativity. It greets the day with
    energetic poise,funky style, and a focused intensity that comes across from the get-go.
    Energy, youthfulness and character all in one
    A profile with a purpose
    With its long hood, raked windshield pillars and back-sloping roof,
    the shapely Soul offers improved aerodynamics outside and ample roominess inside.
    A profile with a purpose
    Urban mobility. Amplified.
    Urban mobility. Amplified.
    Vertically oriented rear lights give the Soul an exciting, space-age look,
    while the broader lower structure emphasizes the Soul's agile and balanced character.
    Inventive from every angle
    Your very own bubble of comfort
    Your very own bubble of comfort
    Step inside the Soul and you’ll immediately sense the spaciousness. There’s room to
    stretch and ample space for cargo thanks to more rear seat legroom, supportive seats
    for everyone, and doors and dashboard that are designed to stay out of the way.
    Exterior Colors

    One-tone Two-tone

    • Mars Orange rgb(146,31,24) /worldwide/vehicles/sk3-soul/images/360vr/01_M3R/
    • Snow White Pearl rgb(242,242,242) /worldwide/vehicles/sk3-soul/images/360vr/02_SWP/
    • Cherry Black rgb(7,7,8) /worldwide/vehicles/sk3-soul/images/360vr/03_9H/
    • Sparkling Silver rgb(188,187,191) /worldwide/vehicles/sk3-soul/images/360vr/04_KCS/
    • Inferno Red rgb(233,37,37) /worldwide/vehicles/sk3-soul/images/360vr/05_AJR/
    • Space Cadet Green rgb(170,193,56) /worldwide/vehicles/sk3-soul/images/360vr/06_CEJ/
    • Gravity Gray rgb(87,88,102) /worldwide/vehicles/sk3-soul/images/360vr/07_KDG/
    • Undercover Green rgb(97,99,71) /worldwide/vehicles/sk3-soul/images/360vr/08_GEA/
    • Neptune Blue rgb(37,66,144) /worldwide/vehicles/sk3-soul/images/360vr/09_B3A/
    • Yellow rgb(207,175,49) /worldwide/vehicles/sk3-soul/images/360vr/10_ASY/
    • Platinum Gold rgb(146,138,127) /worldwide/vehicles/sk3-soul/images/360vr/11_G3Y/
    Snow White Pearl
    Very easy on the eyes
    The gracefully rounded dashboard and console present what you need to know
    with savvy simplicity. A glance here. A finger tap there. Your eyes stay on the road.
    The Soul is smart about keeping you clued in, without clutter.
    8-inch HUD
    8-inch HUD image
    8-inch HUD

    The head-up display projects an image equivalent to an 8” screen onto the windshield. Your eyes stay on the road as you monitor speed, remaining distance to empty, cruise control, and DRIVE WiSE technology data.

    4.2-inch supervision cluster
    7-inch display audio
    7-inch display audio image
    7-inch display audio

    The 7” touchscreen audio system combines rearview camera display, USB connectivity, phone compatibility, and Radio Data System (RDS) capability.

    Wireless smartphone charger
    Wireless smartphone charger image
    Wireless smartphone charger

    Charge a compatible mobile phone wirelessly on the pad at the front of the center console. An orange light indicates charging in progress while green indicates a full charge.

    Vital information and cutting-edge simplicity
    The dashboard contours are inspired by sound waves, while there's also new
    headsup display technology. And the audio and visual worlds combine with built-in,
    colored mood lighting synced to the music.
    convenience img2
    Comfort is paramount
    The Soul offers remarkable cargo flexibility, and appealing seating choices too.
    If you plan to spend a significant amount of time in your Soul,
    why not choose seats and features that take the ordeal out of the drive?
    convenience img3
    The cargo space features an easy lift over opening, and the floorboard can be set
    higher to conceal items, or lower to offer more cargo volume.
    The rear seat backs split 60/40 and fold forward to expand the cargo area into the cabin.
    High-tech on the lookout
    High-tech on the lookout
    Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
    Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
    Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
    ESC ensures optimal braking performance
    and directional control by automatically
    delivering the right amount of braking force
    to each wheel based on individual
    wheel speed, steering angle and skidding.
    6 airbags
    To help protect occupants and potentially
    reduce injuries in the event of a collision,
    the Soul offers driver and front passenger airbags,
    two front side airbags, and available side-curtain
    airbags running the length of the interior
    on each side of the vehicle.
    Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
    Stronger. Smarter. Safer
    Stronger. Smarter. Safer
    Torque and tech virtuoso
    Torque and tech virtuoso
    Gasoline 1.6 MPi
    1,591 cc
    Max. power
    123 ps / 6,300 rpm
    Max. torque
    15.4 kg·m / 4,850 rpm
    Mated transmission
    6-speed MT / 6-speed AT
    Gasoline 2.0 MPi
    1,999 cc
    Max. power
    152 ps / 6,200 rpm
    Max. torque
    19.6 kg·m / 4,000 rpm
    Mated transmission
    6-speed AT
    Ride & handling
    Ride & handling

    An electric motor on the steering column
    results in more responsive steering,
    while numerous chassis and body upgrades
    make the ride even smoother.

    6-speed manual transmission
    6-speed manual transmission

    Enjoy dynamic shifting,
    quicker reverse-gear engagement,
    and better fuel efficiency with the durable
    6-speed manual transmission.

    6-speed automatic transmission
    6-speed automatic transmission

    Enjoy smooth precision,
    conveniently spaced shift points,
    and helpful drive mode choices with the
    6-speed automatic transmission.

    For the proud enthusiast
    For the proud enthusiast
    The badge, seats, and red trim
    of the GT Line package make this
    special edition a celebration of the
    performance potential of the Soul,
    a vehicle designed to deliver
    zestful driving fun whenever
    the mood strikes.
    For the proud enthusiast
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