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    Republic of the Korea Republic of the Korea
    Office Address

    187, 188-B, Teigaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh



    Meet the bigger life with New Sportage.
    Born to dare Sportage
    Sportage’s bold yet refined look and roomy interior make
    daytime picnics with your favorite buddy on the weekend all the more enjoyable.
    A perfect balance
    Eye-catching lines that draw admiring glances
    Eye-catching lines that draw admiring glances
    We all want to stand out and be seen as different from the crowd.
    With its sleek, bold lines and sporty panache, the revolutionary Sportage
    is an SUV you can be more than proud to drive.
    An amazing view in every direction
    >An amazing view in every direction
    Take a seat for the drive of your life
    Take a seat for the drive of your life
    Our dedicated designers have carefully combined the finest, most durable materials with
    unsurpassed attention to detail to create a sensation of elegance and pure comfort that
    will enhance your feeling of inner peace, despite whatever may be happening outside.
    Exterior Colors

    • Clear White rgb(217, 217, 215) /worldwide/vehicles/sportage-2018/images/360vr/01_Clear_White/
    • Snow White Pearl rgb(222, 222, 220) /worldwide/vehicles/sportage-2018/images/360vr/02_Snow_White_Pearl/
    • Sparkling Silver rgb(151, 151, 154) /worldwide/vehicles/sportage-2018/images/360vr/03_Sparkling_Silver/
    • Steel Gray rgb(95, 95, 95) /worldwide/vehicles/sportage-2018/images/360vr/04_Steel_Grey/
    • Patina Gold rgb(82, 60, 38) /worldwide/vehicles/sportage-2018/images/360vr/05_Patina_Gold/
    • Fiery Red rgb(133, 24, 26) /worldwide/vehicles/sportage-2018/images/360vr/06_Fiery_Red/
    • Mercury Blue rgb(37, 45, 57) /worldwide/vehicles/sportage-2018/images/360vr/07_Mercury_Blue/
    • Cherry Black rgb(6, 6, 6) /worldwide/vehicles/sportage-2018/images/360vr/08_Cherry_Black/
    Snow White Pearl
    Seating choices
    black leather
    black leather
    black tricot
    black tricot
    black cloth
    black cloth
    Gray Leather
    Gray Leather
    Gray Tricot
    Gray Tricot
    Gray Cloth
    Gray Cloth
    Experience the delight of owning your driving space
    Push-button start
    8-inch display audio system
    USB / Smartphone charger
    Fluidity in motion

    The Sportage
    is redefining our
    understanding of space
    Supreme comfort and
    fingertip control offer
    you a sense of serenity
    every time you slip
    behind the wheel and hit
    the road.

    • Larger panoramic sunroof opening
    • Air-ventilated front seats / Seat warmers
    • Large center console
    • Anti-pollution seat (YES Essentials?)
    • Dual sunroof
    More space to grow as your horizons expand
    More space to grow as your horizons expand
    Because strength and safety go hand in hand
    Advanced materials for your peace of mind
    Phenomenal rigidity with
    smarter materials

    The Sportage boasts substantial torsional rigidity thanks to
    strategic application of remarkably strong materials such as
    hot-stamped steel. The body resists twisting forces, so jolts are
    absorbed with precision. In the event of a collision, impact forces
    are managed in ways that better protect the occupant space.

    Advanced adhesives

    We’ve applied a best-in-class 103 meters of structural adhesive
    to enhance vehicle body strength while minimizing noise and
    vibration for a smoother ride.

    6 airbags
    spec img

    Airbags placed strategically
    throughout the interior offer
    protection for you and your
    passengers in the event of
    a collision.

    Inspiring technology
    for new levels of safety
    • 6-speed manual transmission
      Theta 2.4 GDI
      gasoline engine
      Max. power
      184 px @ 6,000 rpm
      Max. torque
      4.2 kg·m @ 4,000 rpm
    • 6-speed automatic transmission & 7-speed DCT
      Nu 2.0 MPI
      gasoline engine
      Max. power
      157 ps @ 6,200 rpm (EURO 2)
      155 ps @ 6,200 rpm (EURO 3 / 4 / 5 / 6)
      Max. torque
      20 kg·m @ 4,000 rpm (EURO 2)
      19.6 kg·m @ 4,000 rpm (EURO 3 / 4 / 5 / 6)
    • 6-speed manual transmission
      R 2.0 (high output)
      diesel engine
      Max. power
      178 ps @ 4,000 rpm (EURO 2 / 3)
      185 ps @ 4,000 rpm (EURO 4 / 5 / 6)
      Max. torque
      1.0 kg·m @ 1,750~2,750 rpm
    Cutting-edge technology
    for maximum driving stability
    Cutting-edge technology for maximum driving stability
    The automatically engaging all-wheel drive (AWD) system senses road conditions,
    wheel speed and acceleration, then applies the right amount of torque
    to the front and rear wheels for optimum road grip. Rest assured knowing
    that you can always tackle any kind of road or weather condition.
    Take your independence on the road to a new level
    GT / GT Line img1
    GT / GT Line img2
    Settle into a sporty & seductive cabin
    seat more
    seat more seat more close
    The GT Line takes the already splendidly comfortable interior of the Sportage
    to a whole new level of performance-inspired sporty elegance.
    GT / GT Line img4
    Find more about Optima at KiaBuzz
     - news : [Chicago Sun Times] Optima: Mid-size sedan exceeds expectations for safety, style, tech - VIDEOS : 2019 Kia Optima First Drive: More tech across the board - STORIES : A Look Into the 2019 Optima: Kia’s Definition of Sportiness
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